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HIQ Corporate Services Inc.
715 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21202











Just a few of the questions we get asked at HIQ

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 and the way we respond:


By all accounts, quite good. But that's to be expected. Today, HIQ Corporate Services offers a growing circle of banking, insurance, legal and corporate customers a consistent level of professionalism and reliability.

In an ever-changing marketplace, HIQ provides a high degree of consistency in its work product. Our highly qualified network of correspondents operate nationwide, yet bring uniformity of service to our clients. In this regard, you can rest assured that HIQ is managing your transactions as successfully in Boise as we do in Baltimore.

At the same time, HIQ brings a unique set of skills to its clientele. Representing a new generation of independent agents, we operate with lower overhead, and are able to offer clients greater cost efficiencies from the start. Unconstrained by bureaucratic obstacles that often impede our larger competitors, we remain much more responsive to our clients' instructions and specific needs. In short, we seek to understand your language, rather than insist you interpret ours.


Yes, we really do. To meet our own benchmarks of excellence as your service provider demands no less. And in today's volatile business environment, more and more firms are realizing that they can trust and rely upon the level of support that HIQ provides time after time.

In our role as registered agent, we routinely perform those tasks expected of us. We handle all process papers according to the specific instructions you dictate; quickly routing copies where directed within 24 hours. All process received is carefully logged; HIQ will even phone or email your offices when a suit is received, affording you an added opportunity to immediately revise prior instructions.

At HIQ, regular communication with our clients is key. We strive to foster a close working rapport to better understand your needs, offering resources such as access to up-to-date forms file and guidelines, as well as a database of key contacts for state and local agencies throughout the U.S.  Our new service, ComplianceCheck, offers periodic monitoring whereby an entity or group of entities’ status in the jurisdictions where they do business is checked for delinquencies to their annual filing requirements. Deficiencies are identified and steps are taken to correct the issue before more serious problems of outright revocation or forfeiture can occur.   

UCC/Lien searches and entity formations and related filings make up the transactional side of our businesses. We understand the foremost distinction about our services is, and must always be, a commitment to detail. By maintaining close ties with local and municipal authorities in the states and counties, HIQ's abstractors and correspondents are unusually adept in recognizing and understanding the finer nuances of parochial procedures and are the first to be aware of any changes to statutory fees or policies. As a result, we are often able to detect and correct subtle errors in documents before delays are created by their return as a rejected filing. Whenever possible, if it is broken, we fix it. At HIQ, we are keenly aware that you need to maintain reliable relationships, especially in matters of accuracy, timeliness and cost. For that very reason, your deadlines become our own.


As always, we do what our clients need done. And we strive to do it, through assignments large and small, to your complete satisfaction. HIQ's subsidiary services span the entire range of corporate and legal needs in document research and retrieval. What remains constant, however, is our close attention to your particular preferences.



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