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What is a Registered Agent?

It is a mandatory "agent" of the corporation or LLC who is officially designated at the time that incorporation or registration documents are filed in accordance with state requirements. A Registered Agent is designated to be responsible for receiving and forwarding lawsuits and other critical legal and tax documents on behalf of the company.

Can an entity act as its own Registered Agent?

Companies are prohibited from acting as their own agent. Most businesses choose an independent third party to serve in this important capacity and with good reason. Business matters frequently take essential personnel out of the office. In the absence of a responsible employee, an organization might be at greater risk for a default judgment for failure to answer a complaint within a court-mandated response period. Additionally, the location of a principal office address will change from time to time. The maintenance of a constant registered office eliminates the costly requirement of changing the registered office location of the company with the state each time it relocates. Also, an independent Registered Agent affords an economical level of privacy to avert the need to deal with private process servers and/or the court appointed law enforcement personnel when served in front of employees and clientele at the office or neighbors at home.

Why choose HIQ for my Registered Agent Service?

Most importantly, we will contact clients immediately by whatever method they chose – by phone, email or fax – allowing the opportunity to make a case-by case decision as to how to best proceed. If desired, HIQ will forward, via overnight delivery, the notice of service of processes the same day it arrives in our office. This notice details the nature of the action or suit, the plaintiff(s), in what court, when & how process was served, the nature of the case and how much time to respond.

We also will receive and forward official state and federal correspondence as well as state franchise, tax returns or annual reports when received on our clients’ behalf. An additional service offered by HIQ, ComplianceCheck helps preserve your company’s good standing in the jurisdictions where it does business.

How does ComplianceCheck help me maintain my corporate status?

Other service companies simply help with incorporation or the formation of a company or LLC. HIQ helps monitor the ongoing filing requirement and formalities associated with your company with ComplianceCheck. To learn more about ComplianceCheck, telephone our offices at (800) 564-5300 or click here.

The corporation or LLC is no longer active. What should I do now?

There are benefits to officially terminating a corporation or LLC in the places where it is registered to conduct business. It ends the company’s responsibility of having to pay taxes or file annual reports. In some states, penalties may be imposed when attempting to revive an “old” entity.  The creation of a new company, without having previously formally filed a termination of the “old” company, can be problematic - especially when attempting to resume operations under the same name. HIQ can provide the assistance needed to effect a formal cancellation, dissolution or withdrawal.

Keep in mind that formal dissolution does not always relieve the Registered Agent of its statutory responsibilities to receive and forward Service of Process. Accordingly, we will continue to invoice during this period. In order to discontinue receiving invoices, a termination statement must be completed, in writing, and signed by an authorized individual. The document should state that:


all operations have ceased and


Any invoices for continuing Registered Agent Services will not be paid and


HIQ is instructed to reject any Service of Process and


HIQ is held harmless in event of a default.

What is the duration of Registered Agent Service?

It is an annual service, renewing automatically in the month when service was first initiated. Failure to renew Registered Agent Service may result in an Agent Resignation filing and will ultimately effect good standing with the state(s) where registered to do business.

Why does HIQ send Registered Agent renewal invoices before they are actually due for payment?

HIQ mails agent renewal invoicing well in advance of the actual due date (usually 90 days) for several reasons.  Early receipt of the renewal provides an opportunity to make any changes to the account that might be deemed necessary. It affords time to cancel service in jurisdictions where operations are soon to be discontinued or to advise that service needs to be added in new areas. Since this is an annual service that expires at renewal each year, HIQ wants to ensure that ample time for account review and payment is provided.

Is multi-year Registered Agent Service available?

Yes. You can save time and money by choosing a two or three-year option for service. Save by securing today's rates and take advantage of a 24 or 36 month discount. 

How can I contact HIQ to pay the enclosed invoice to renew my Registered Agent Service?

At this time, HIQ presently accepts checks drawn on US Banks as a payment option, as well as American Express credit card payments. We will be adding other options for bill payment in the near future.





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