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Through it's affiliate, IDT Solutions, LLC, HIQ Corporate Services is able to provide Independent Director and Trustee services to it's clients.


Independent Director Services

IDT Solutions, LLC (IDT) provides staffing services with respect to providing independent directors/managers for Special Purpose Companies (SPCs). Such entities typically provide a vehicle for the purpose of isolating a group of assets from the risk of bankruptcy by (or against) the transferor of those assets and thereby amplifies the overall credit quality of these insulated assets. Generally, lenders and/or rating agencies require that the SPC appoint at least one independent director or independent manager for a limited liability company. The SPC's formation documents, bylaws and/or operating agreements ordinarily require the vote exceeding a quorum of the directors/managers (including the independent director/managerís vote) for approval of any resolution, including bankruptcy.

Fees for this type of service is based on the state of affairs particular to each transaction and may be further determined by the number of related SPCs involved. Prior to accepting an appointment as independent director/manager, IDTís affiliate, HIQ Corporate Services, Inc. (or another affiliated company) must be designated as the registered/resident agent for the SPC(s) seeking such services. The SPC's organizational and all underlying documents along with the indemnification provisions are reviewed by independent counsel to ensure that all duties conform to the agreed upon services.

Prior to agreeing to provide services, IDT looks for:


Distinct duties spelled out in a clear document


Reputable parties to the transaction


Indemnification limiting liability


No discretion afforded under the governing contract

Our experience and unique relationship with our affiliates provides special expertise in: 


Customized Service of Process


Registered Agent Services


Corporate Legal Transactions


Corporate Compliance Services

IDT is independently owned and is thereby free to focus exclusively on the matters at hand.

As many transactions may be comprised of proprietary information, nondisclosure agreements can be executed to ensure confidentiality. 

Trustee Services

Through our affiliate,  we provide trustee services for both common law trusts and Delaware Business Trusts (DBTs).

Common law trusts have long been used to preserve and protect title to property and to minimize taxes on property. A sampling of common law trusts includes dynasty trusts, asset protection trusts and irrevocable life insurance trusts. In recent years, Delaware has become the jurisdiction of choice for many advisors when establishing these types of trusts for their clients.

In 1988, Delaware enacted the Business Trust Act that provides for an alternate form of trust entity. Statutory law instead of common law governs this form of trust. The principal purpose of the Business Trust Act is to modernize common law and provide certainty by codifying Delaware law with respect to the use of trusts in business transactions. By using a DBT, the rights and obligations of trustees and beneficial owners can be determined contractually rather than by reference to common law principles. Multiple classes of beneficial owners may be established.

A DBT can be used as a "bankruptcy-remote vehicle". It may qualify as a FASIT, REIT, REMIC or a regulated investment company. DBTs are commonly used in asset securitization transactions. A business trust can be merged or consolidated with other legal entities to take advantage of future changes in tax law or the securities markets.

Our fee for this type of service is based on the trust's particular circumstances and is also impacted by the number of entities involved.

IDT handles all kinds of corporate trusts: Delaware Statutory Trusts, Insurance and Reinsurance Trusts and Settlement Trusts. Capital Trust contributes to the client-advisor our deep understanding of fiduciary principles and the expertise to apply them in virtually any trust situation.




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