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HIQ Corporate Services Inc.
715 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21202












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 Some of the Services HIQ provides to it's clients:

As always, we do what our clients need done.  And we strive to do it, through assignments large and small, to your complete satisfaction.  HIQ's subsidiary services span the entire range of corporate and legal need in document research and retrieval.  What remains constant, however, is our close attention to your particular preferences.

Corporate Services

Uniform Commercial Code Services

Miscellaneous Services

Corporate Services:
Where matters of timely turnaround, cost-effective action and minimized liability are at stake, HIQ is known for its excellent service record with private corporations.  By managing the host of technical details that often accompany such efforts as interstate document filing and retrieval, we enable you to spend more effective time with your clients.

Contact agents@hiq-agents.com for your Corporate & Registered Agent inquiries.

Our corporate services include

bulletName Availability/Reservation Services & Name Protection Services
bulletTax and Status Certificates
bulletCertified Copy Retrieval
bulletAnnual Reports
bulletIncorporation/Qualification Filings
bulletAssumed/Fictitious Name Filings
bulletCorporate Forms/Guidelines
bulletLLC Formation/Registration Filings
bulletLP Formation/Registration Filings

Uniform Commercial Code & Lein Search Services:

Even given the revisions to Article 9, requirements for form completion, filing, fees and procedural changes at countless state and county jurisdictions around the U.S. the Uniform Commercial Code remains anything but.

Still, unfamiliarity with enduring inconsistencies can result in penalties and rejection of critical filings by state or local officials.  Let HIQ, with its nationwide network of expert local correspondents; guide you successfully through the intricacies of local filings and searches.

Contact ucc@hiq-agents.com for your UCC, Lein Searching & Maryland State inquiries.

Our Uniform Commercial Code Services include

bulletState & Local Searches/Filings
bulletFederal & State Tax Lien Searches
bulletSuit & Judgment Searches
bulletBankruptcy Searches
bulletUCC Fixture Searches/Filings
bulletOnline Searches
bulletUCC Forms
bulletUCC Form Preparation

Miscellaneous Services:
At HIQ, we have built our name on the efficient management of public documentation-its capture, transference and application in myriad situations involving state and federal agencies, the courts and other regulatory bodies.  In this regard, our services can prove to be a valuable short-cut in identifying needed public information.

Contact agents@hiq-agents.com for your Miscellaneous inquiries.

These services include

bulletDocument Recordation & Retrieval
bulletAsset Searches
bulletU.S. Coast Guard Vessel Searches 
bulletDocket Sheets & Case Copies
bulletCorporate Kits
bulletSEC Searches (10K's, 10Q's, etc.)
bulletFranchise Offering Circulars


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